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Bear in the Mirror Color :iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 37 5
Hugo the Strange :iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 1 0 Wind :iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 6 0
The Beast - 4
Everything was set. The yellow and green-haired boy carried his belongings towards the door of the house. He had agreed to spend a few months at the Xenma Research Institute, so they could learn more about the condition in his arm and what Dr. Xenma called "Nemesis".
Dr. Xenma waited by his car as the boy exited the house. His parents waited at the end of the porch while Becky and Elliot met him at the doorway.
"Don't stay too long." The overweight boy told Rex "I don't think I can handle all the punks, around here, by myself".
"Yeah right" Rex chuckled and pointed to Elliot's stomach "Lay off the burritos, and you might be able to".
A tug on the back of his shirt made Rex turn to face his other friend. She was looking at her feet, trying to think of something to say.
"Keep Elliot out of trouble" He instructed, while putting his hands on her shoulders.
"Sure" She mumbled while trying to smile as she looked up at him.
"Aww" Elliot joked "Do I feel a group hug coming on?".
The looks rece
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The Beast - 3
"Wow" The pink-haired girl sat back in her chair, trying to soak in what her friend had just told her "Are you serious?"
"Yeah" the yellow-and-green-haired boy in front of her nodded.
"So, that's why you hid your arm, all this time" She confirmed to herself as she glanced at his bare limb again.
Once again, Rex nodded, while keeping eye contact with the floor below him.
"But, I don't understand" Becky stated after a few seconds "If you've had it for all this time, why did it wait until now to start working?"
"Not sure" Rex said as he began to wrap his arm with the bandages again "but, I intend to find out"
"Can I help?" Becky asked, suddenly
"What?" Rex turned to face her as his brown eyes met hers.
"With… the bandages" She told him, slowly, their eyes still locked "So they don't fall off"
'I've always done it by myself. I don't need help' He though to himself, but instead all he could bring himself to say was "Sure"
He offered his arm to Becky and she began to tightly secure the banda
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The Beast - 2
"Rex" The voice shook the sleepy boy into consciousness "Rex, wake up".
"Go away, or I'll break your face" he said groggily as he rolled over.
"Rex, it's 9:30" the voice came again, this time with more violent shaking "Time to get up".
"Fine" Rex sat up, bringing his left arm up to shield his eyes from the offending light.
"Oh my gosh, Rex!" Lauren, his adoptive mother, shrieked "What happened to your arm?".
Rex looked down to his right and realized that he had forgotten to rewrap it last night. He quickly tried to cover it with the blankets but was halted by the brown-haired woman's grip as she pulled it out into the open.
"Rex, what happened to your arm?" She repeated.
"Nothing" Rex pulled it away from her grasp and began to wrap it with the bandages that were laying beside his bed.
"That is not 'nothing', Rex" Lauren scolded, her green eyes fixed on the ugly mass of blue and red "Is that why you keep your arm bandaged up like that?".
Rex said nothing, as he knew she could see right
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Me :iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 0 0
The Beast - 1
The sun was high in mid-July. Reginald Sohoren, a young man of 15 years, walked down the street alone, his brown eyes watching his feet as he walked. His hair was medium length, a darker golden color, and he had dyed the last quarter-inch a light green. He was medium height and had an athletic build, even though he had never had the will to participate in any sports.
"Rex!" came a voice from behind him "Hey, Rex, wait up!"
"What do you want, Elliot?" He asked as he slowed his pace so the dark-haired boy could catch up.
Elliot, who was also 15, was an inch or two taller than Rex, but he was not athletic in any definition of the word. He stopped and put his hands on his knees. Breathing heavily, he took a few seconds to recover from the run, as his blue eyes scanned over his friend's bandage-wrapped right arm for the umpteenth time. 'What is under there?' Elliot wondered to himself once again. Rex had never shown anyone what was under the white wraps that covered from his elbow all the w
:iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 1 0
Crossed Paths: Part Three
"So, the only way to defeat the Angels is to engage them in battle with these robots?" Kory inquired
"Yeah" Misato answered "But like I said before, we don't have our pilots"
After a few second of silence, Dick spoke up "We'll pilot them"
"What!" Misato was taken back "Are you crazy? You cant pilot an EVA without prior-" she stopped 'Shinji piloted without prior training' she thought for a second 'but he was a special case. It's still a huge risk' "I can't let you do it" she said aloud "It's too dangerous"
"Oh, come on" Gar spoke up "It's five against one, how dangerous can it be?"
"You have courage, I'll give you that much" Misato smiled slightly
"At least let us try" Dick requested
Misato sighed. She knew she was defeated "Alright. But if you get injured, it's not my fault" she said as she turned to make her way back to Central Dogma.
The Titans proceeded to climb into the entry plugs. Raven into Unit 00. Dick in Unit 01. Kory to Unit 02. Vic in Unit 03. And Gar to Unit 04. As they s
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Crossed Paths: Part Two
"Pattern is red" Hyuga said, still shocked over what just happened "they are human… but where did they come from?"
"That's what I'm going to find out" Misato slowly exited towards the EVA cages.
"What the heck just happened?" Asuka shouted as she glanced over at the brown-haired boy next to her, who was staring back without saying a word. His plugsuit had somehow morphed into green and red tights with green gloves, black boots, and a black mask. "What happened to you, baka?" she scoffed
"Asuka…" Shinji started "you- you're-"
"I know I'm beautiful, baka" the red-haired German cut him off  "but did it really take you this long to figure it out?"
"Asuka, you're orange!" Shinji finally blurted out.
"Say what?" Asuka's eyes widened as she looked at her hands, which were, indeed orange. Her plugsuit had also changed. she was now wearing a tight purple miniskirt and top wi
:iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 0 0
Crossed Paths: Part One
It was a peaceful day… well, as peaceful as it gets around Titans Tower. Garfield 'Beast Boy' Logan was in the main area, playing video games with Victor 'Cyborg' Stone. As usual, Vic was winning, and as usual, Gar was flipping out.
"You cheated!" the small green boy shouted.
"I did not!" the larger metallic one replied loudly "You just won't accept that I'm better than you!"
They continue to argue, much to the annoyance of Raven Roth, who was attempting to meditate, but failing miserably, due to the noise. Knock it off!" her voice went unheeded by the arguing twosome.
"You two are hopeless" she stated under her breath as she exited.
She finally arrived on the top of the tower sighed and sat down again.
"Azerath Metrion Zinthos" she chanted calmly "Az-"
She was cut off by the sound of giggling as a cheery orange-skinned alien girl floated behind her, being, somewhat, chased by a black-haired boy.
"Kory…" Dick 'Robin' Grayson started "I'm trying to be serious, here". Kory 'Starfire' And
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Shuriken ID :iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 0 3 Evangelion Desktop :iconsupersoldierraykiao:SupersoldierRayKiao 1 0
Rebels I
"Run!" Rex shouted, to his comrades, as he threw various objects at the Mosheba Security Guards that were trying to capture them. He ran towards an opening in the side of the shed in which they had been hiding, while knocking down everything that he could to try to slow down their pursuers. He had almost made it to the small hole, when a large hand reached out and grabbed his shirt from behind. It appeared that the large man had the upper hand until a slender fist collided with his head, and he fell to the ground, dazed. "Are you alright, Rex?" The brown haired girl asked. "I'm fine, Beccy" He replied "lets hurry".
As they squeezed through the hole, they were met by their friends "It's about time you guys made it out" the red haired boy stated "I was about to send Todd and Elliot in after you" he laughed. "We gotta move, quickly" Elliot said as he looked around "They've probably called for backup by now"
"Eew" a squeaky voice rang out as they treaded through the murky water "Oh, get ov
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